​Ignacio Arana Araya

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 Countries I have lived in

Before entering the Ph.D. program in Pittsburgh, I worked for six years as a journalist in Chile and Spain. I was lucky to cover political events in Chile, Spain (2008), Argentina (2007), Belgium (2007), Haiti (2006), Bolivia (2006), Ecuador (2005) and Venezuela (2004 and 2006). As special envoy or correspondent I mainly covered elections, but also the downfall of a government, hydrocarbon nationalizations, and events that led to democratic progresses and setbacks.  

One of the most interesting aspects of being a journalist was to meet and interview people from diverse origins. From presidents (e.g., Hugo Chávez, Alejandro Toledo, Alfredo Palacio, Eduardo Rodríguez) to renowned scholars and intellectuals (e.g., Niall Fergusson, Ken Follet, Tariq Ramadan) to diplomats (e.g, Hans Blix)  to royal family members (e.g., Prince Felipe of Spain) and all sorts of less-known, but not less interesting people. The interaction with influential politicians helped to persuade me that the behavior of people in positions of exceptional power have political consequences that are commonly overlooked. That explains my long-term interest in studying the individual differences of presidents.  

The map has links to most of the articles that I published in the newspapers El Mercurio (499) and ABC (13), and in the magazine Ercilla(3). Most of the pieces are about international political events, so I grouped them by world regions. The reminder of the articles are about economic news.  You can access the articles by clicking on the boxes with blue frame.